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In reply to pollyanna Ted - all you've to caused by &quot;be an excellent e - Bay seller&quot; is not to have scammed by dishonest buyers who know e - Bay is going to take their side, regardless of how obvious a scam it can be. Lynn Dralle sells flatware and dinnerware that they sources from garage sales and. First and foremost, for the people that have not been to e - Bay recently, the dominance from the fixed-price listing makes e - Bay much more comparable to other trusted online retailers than it once was. This will give you a sense of the way the platform works, time for you to assess your offers, and begin to develop a system of listing, packaging and shipping. And chances are in the event you win the auction, you DID save a bit money. After the purchaser types a comment, he or she is prompted to rate the vendor with you to definitely five stars on four different factors with the transaction. If you still wish to purchase the product, you will need to provide an alternative shipping address. Most e - Bay sales go smoothly, but if there's a problem having a purchase, the e - Bay Money Back Guarantee ensures that buyers receive the item they ordered or get their money back.

We got stable sales for the 2nd listing though the sales of 1st listing suddenly drops down. Its pretty simple, buyers use e - Bay at no cost, sellers give the freight with both listing fees and selling fees, so it makes no sense for e - Bay to deliver a way to screen out anyone that is paying to utilize site. Most records will most likely fall in to the &quot;very good&quot; or &quot;good&quot; categories, meaning the quality of all components remains intact and also the album has no serious defects that interfere with its sound. Buyer opened box carelessly and item crashes to the floor into smithereens. In the end do you rather have a Paypal account otherwise you money. So your translated listings will can be found in active listings on your e - Bay dashboard. If there can be a preferred international shipper for the country with offices in the United States, tell the owner what it really is and mention that they are respected, reliable and routinely and safely used by shipping for your country. They is not going to budge and their advice is to hold selling through it. In some instances, return shipping charges may stop based on the actual weight of the package, but with an estimate.

So I would go with a minimal 7 day auction on this form of item. Do the seams and patterns on the item match up perfectly. It can help you manage payments as well as gives you every one of the tools you may need for recordkeeping. Actually, plenty of sellers do sell more places than on e - Bay. Also, take into account that registering new accounts or investing with other existing accounts to avoid buying and selling allowances or other policy consequences can be a breach of e - Bay policy. I also got a new lot more stock thinking that being a top rated seller ebay will bring my listings forward. Just because paypal return your mney to the purchaser, that does not mean the client gets removed from scamming you. I wound up making a questionable pay for an anonymous seller from China. All forms of stores have problems with the scammers.

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